Art and Drama Department

Ms. Smyth -- Department Head  (on leave)

Ms. Brazeau (drama)

Ms. Roy (art)

Co-op and Experiential Learning

Mr. Andreatta -- Department Head

Check out our Co-op website using the link below:


Mr. Selles

Ms. Stephenson

Mr. Taylor 

English Department

Ms. Smyth -- Department Head  (on leave)

Ms. Vanderploeg  (on leave)

Ms. Winter

Guidance Department

Ms. Bal -- Department Head

Check out our Guidance website using the link below:


Ms. Fader  (on leave)

Ms. Lavigne  -- SST Support



Ms. Lavigne -- Department Head
Check out our Library website using the link below:
Learning Resource

Ms. Cochrane -- Department Head

Mr. Taylor               (LST)

Mr. Fanni                (EA)

Ms. McLean             (EA)

Ms. Mastroianni       (EA)


Where is the Resource Room?

The Resource Room is located on the second floor of the school in room 237.


Who can access the Resource Room?

Any B. Davison student can access the Resource Room.  Priority is given to students on IEPs (both identified or non-identified) and to monitored students (students not on an IEP but who may need our services for academic, social or emotional reasons).


When is the Resource Room open?

The Resource Room is open all four periods during the school day (you must have a Resource Pass filled out by your classroom teacher in order to be there).


Why should you come to the Resource Room?

You should come to the Resource Room to get extra help with your assignments and course work.  You can come here to write any tests or quizzes.  We can help you to become more organized.  You can also access your SEA equipment through the Resource Room.



Math and Phys. Ed. Department

Ms. Kelly -- Department Head (on leave)

Mr. Selles


Science Department

Ms. Alexander -- Department Head



Social Science Department

Mr. Stajfer -- Departmetn Head 

Special Education/D.E. 

Ms. Cochrane -- Department Head

Ms. Chesney

Ms. Doxtator

Ms. Mailer

Ms. McKillop

Ms. Silva 

Mr. Wareing

Techology Department

Mr. Monopoli -- Department Head

Mr. Howe

Mr. Machuk

Mr. McMillan

Mr. Newman

Ms. Slatnik

Mr. Wareing 

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