Our Staff

K. Alexander        Science Department Head/Gr. 9 Program 
S. Andreatta       Co-operative Education Department Head
K. Chesney      Educational Assistant D.E. Program
J. Cochrane      Special Education Department Head
A. Fader       School Support Councillor  (on leave)
R. Fanni      Educational Assistant
C. Fredin      Charge Custodian
C. Friesen      Principal
M. Gibson      Technology Department Head
T.  Herbert      Social Science
C. House      Custodian
D. Howe      I.A. Automotive
D. Hutchings      Custodian
S. Johnston      Custodian
A. Kelly      Math and Phys Ed. Department Head / Gr. 10 Program
C. Kramer

     Social Work and Attendance Counsellor

B. Lavigne      Library Department Head/ DE Work Experience Program
G. Machuk      I.A. Construction
H. Mailer      D.E. Program
F.  Mazza      Experiential Learning / SST
N. McMillan      I.A. Hospitality
A. McNiff      Vice Principal
A. Monopoli      Automotive and Construction
S. Newman      Hospitality
A. Ribout      Guidance Department Head/SST
C. Rogers      FNMI Councillor
O. Selles      Gr. 9 Program (Science/Math)/Special Education
M. Smyth      English and Art Department Head / Special Education
G. Stage      Automotive
S. Stajfer      Social Science Department Head
D. Stephenson      I.A. Experiential Learning
J. Taylor      Special Education/Experiential Learning
L. Vanderploeg      Gr. 10 Program 
M. Wareing      Horticulture/Science/Math















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