Welcome Message from Principal

Welcome to B. Davison Secondary School

On behalf of the Administration Team, which is comprised of Mr. Chris Friesen, Principal, and Mr. Adam McNiff, Vice Principal, as well as our Superintendent, Mr. Don Macpherson, we would like to welcome you to B. Davison Secondary School.  

We are a school that prides itself in the way we provide experiential learning opportunities for students in grades 9-12, balanced with a focus on literacy, numeracy, and assistive technology.  Though we have students who will pursue college as an indirect pathway after graduation, our goal is to make sure our students can find a job, get a job, and keep a job.

Our motto "Sucess Nourishes Hope" is what our staff and support workers apply every day while working with our students.  The talent, ability, and support within our building are excellent.  Our students shine when they experience success.  Their success nourishes hope for an even brighter future.  As a support network for our students, we try to help each student set realistic goals for themselves.

The primary focus of B. Davison is in helping students gain essential, transferable life skills, along with specific workplace training to assist them to move directly into the workforce following their graduation from secondary school.  We have established partnerships with many local businesses and organizations to provide valuable Work Experience and Co-operative Education opportunities.  As students experience success, both in and out of school, they will gradually be prepared, upon graduation, to become positive and contributing members of our society.

For 2019-2020 we are offering grades 9 and 10 in a non-traditional format for the morning.  Our de-semestered grade 9 and 10 program has students take their courses in bundles, which means that our approach is very cross-disciplinary and project-based.  Our grade 9 and 10 afternoon courses are traditional electives in a semestered format.

Please contact us at any time with questions you may have about B. Davison.  We are very much looking forward to a year complete with rich and relevant opportunities for our students.

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